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that will mean that we will not be facing a discussion over raising the debt ceiling again, to be used as a lever either for budget cuts or anything else? is it off the table now as a tool for use by either party? >> we are going to just extend it for the period of time that we believe, until we can get done what really is necessary and that is to get down to the brass tacks and start talking about the spending and getting the spending cuts and reform, entitlement reforms on the table. if we are able to get what we have been asking for for at least one for one, one cut for one increase, actually the president talked about during the campaign, he with do three to one. we would sure like to have three to one. if we could get to that point then we wouldn't have to be talking about this. we could do a long-term. >> take me inside the huddle, if you wouldn't mind, congresswoman. and tell me how this change of tactics came about. i gather it arose during your meeting with the republican congress down in williamsburg last week. how did it come back? whose idea was it? >> well, tyler, we have been talkin
and hurt the u.s. at home. >> if you don't raise the debt ceiling now, or if you postpone this confrontation, if you say every 60, 90, or 100 days, we're going to again have the same kind of conversation aut the debt ceiling, you will continue to have this sort of spike in policy uncertainty. you will continue to undermine the private sector. you will continue to delay investment and to reduce employment relative to what it would be otherwise. >> reporter: the debt ceiling extension would allow the treasury to pay the nation's bills through at least may 19. darren gersh, "n.b.r.," washington >> tom: the u.s. housing market had a quiet end to its best year since 2007. sales of existing homes fell unexpectedly in december by 1% down to a 4.94 million annual rate. analysts note the drop in sales is not entirely bad news because there were fewer homes on the market. inventories are at their lowest level in seven and a half years. sales were up in the northeast and western u.s. while they fell in the midwest and south. for the entire year, existing home sales saw their best yea
to the floor, which means they have decided once again to play partisan politics with the debt ceiling. this is a bad idea. this is not the way a mature governing body ought to behave. we ought to do our job. next month, the united states will hit the debt ceiling. without action the united states will default on its debts. the last time the republican leadership played this dangerous game with economic russian roulette, they threatened the full faith and credit of the united states for the first time in our history. for some reason they seem hell-bent on doing it again. we need to be clear about one thing, the debt limit is not about new spending. it's not about increasing the deficit. the debt limit is simply the way congress pays for things that we have already bought. things like the wars in iraq and afghanistan. by the way, my friends on the other side continue to insist we don't pay for, just goes on our credit card. things like the medicare prescription drug benefit that was not paid for that my friends on the other side of the aisle championed. things that the republicans have
negotiate the debt ceiling. high unemployment, social unrest. again, we learn from the mountain. baby steps to build confidence. >> your free ski slowly. we feel what we are doing. then we get confident and we get faster and faster. >> reporter: but economic growth seemingly won't go faster. there's always the risk in the global economy that something goes wrong. snowboarders are like central bankers. they have their own way of treading down the mountain. for bankers it means printing money. it's brutal economics. what's the secret to snowboarding? you pick up speed too quickly and you end up falling over? >> no, come on. you need to move. >> reporter: why do you like snowboarding? you go too fast, too quickly, and fall over. >> not necessarily. >> reporter: perhaps the best lesson to be learned in managing risk comes from the cross-country skier, those hearty experts of slow, steady progress taking huge amounts of energy. >> you need to be fit with the whole body, not only with parts of your body. >> you make the power around. you can slowly or you can a lot of speed. at your pace. >> repo
it again today. >> what any good-thinking patriotic american want to use the debt ceiling as a vehicle to reduce spending? what would their reasoning be certainly not to embarrass the united states of america? >> i have no idea. but i can tell you -- >> if you don't have any, maybe it is to defeat the objectives that this president, at whatever cost some so-call leaders have said. they want to stop this president and they were unsuccessful in that measure. maybe they decided to change tactics and maybe this discussion is unnecessary and we find some other way to get a hand on the deficit. let me thank you to your contribution to this conversation as you have so many times before. i yield back my time. >> thank you, mr. johnson is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. foster, president eisenhower said "we can't mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss of their political and spiritual heritage. we want democracy to survive for all generations to come." in your testimony, you say that "a change of course is inevitable." the question is what kind of
and assume the senate could agree to it, raising the debt ceiling for an unspecified amount, sometimes where in the future we're going have battle over that. that has is yet to be determined what exactly that looks like and i did hear an answer to that question. i asked privately over the last few days. >> i'm an eternal optimist, so i actually think it's fine to resequence what we doing right now. as long as we get the promise from leadership that they are going stick to the principles and to the goals that we have set forth. and my message to leadership has been pretty clear. the goals is not to have a balance budget, the goal is to have a budget that balances in ten years. the goal is to have a path to a balance budget. so if all they're going do is they're going to resequence everything so we can have a republican budget past the hoacht. we don't need to resequence anything -- if we're going stick too our fighting principles which is e s we have a -- government that the american people are with us on this. and they're just reconsequencessing because they're worried about having a fight o
about washington. tulsa and gears up to vote on a temporary debt ceiling height. bad for the economy and jobs. >> i take it is a loser, again this is my opinion. republicans are trying to do cut stores medicare and these are automatic cuts that will happen. they do not want to look like they're trying to stop the economy from functioning. that one-stop social security. they're trying to refocus. >> what i love about this bill is that they're putting a provision in it that if they do not pass and then they will not get paid. >> they have not passed a bill of four years. we often make but as every year and they cannot begin a federal budget done. obama stated that he will get this done. maybe if they do not get paid that will get it done. >> wenner for to that would be the toyota prius hybrid it was the top-selling car in california. toyota is doing very well. toyotas and hondas seem to be the type of car that californians by. uy. the trades big three are hurting. they're not on the list. california tends to be a trend setter. they have more profits. and the reports call the pre is roo
speaker boehner for his leadership in defusing a site over the debt ceiling debate. as i said before, not everything has to be a big fight. this proposal they have in the house is that worth fighting about. so again, i think the speaker for his work in this regard. the metaclass has been telling us they don't want another crisis in this showcase send the security they deserve. senator durbin. >> thank you, mr. leader. america is suffering from confrontation fatigue. they've had enough of it. they want us to solve the problems and challenges facing our nation. they certainly don't want to see america default on its debt for the first time in its history. they don't want to see the interest rate go up on the debt we have to pay. as sharon murray can tell you, for every 1% are interest rate goes up because of confrontations and doomsday scenarios, because the american tax years $1 trillion over 10 years, $1 trillion. for this confrontation fatigue across america has led to some dramatic rethinking in the house of representatives. today the vote in the house of representatives such an im
long-term solutions. we need to stop playing games with the debt ceiling and spend our time in energy on job creation. i supported a clean debt limit bill, however, because in this version congressional pay has been tied directly to passing a budget, it is important to ensure that the budget that is passed is responsible and protects our most vulnerable citizens. my amendment would not kill the underlying legislation. it would merely add commonsense protections to the bill for members of our armed forces, our veterans, and our seniors from the budget cutting process. anyone who supports the underlying legislation has no reason to not also support this amendment. if adopted, the debt limit would still be raised to allow the government to pay its obligations through may 19, and members of congress would still have their pay withheld if they failed to agree to a budget resolution by april 15. the amendment simply clarifies that the budget resolution protects our troops, veterans, and seniors. i recently visited the west palm beach v.a. medical center. speaking with both veterans and staf
. it does provide some breathing room. it does not enforce the debt ceiling. we'll be back at this in a couple of months. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. >>> cnbc's courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange for us again this morning. good morning, courtney. >> good morning, natalie. that vote that kelly o'donnell was speaking of will calm wall street jitters. they want to see that vote passed, at least until may, when we have to come up with a better solution. technology was a stock market laggard yesterday, it could prove to be a positive today, after unexpected earnings from both google and ibm. stocks will strive to hit new highs today as they home prices, united technology and the big one, apple after the close. >> we'll be watching you guys later on this afternoon. thank you so much. >>> a win in israel for prime minister benjamin netanyahu. his hard-line party will be forced to form a coalition with the other party.3 c3 gobierno de coaliciÓn, ya que >> catch -- dash cam video from mosc moscow. a warning some viewers may find this disturbing. a
-called debt ceiling debate, which i'm glad to see -- as we make some of the challenging choice, and i again want to compliment my friend, the senator from illinois, who has been as stalwart as anyone in this chamber stepping up and speaking truth about some of the choices and challenges we have to make, we are going to have to proceed at a level of spending that is less than what we've had in the past. but as we think about cutting back budgets, i think it is important to remember that behind many of these budgets, there are not just numbers, but there are incredible professionals who give their life's service to making a stronger, stronger nation. so with this tribute to jean and sandy, i commend these two great federal employees. i will, again, be down on a regular basis to celebrate federal employees throughout this congress, because too often many disparaged government in today's day and life sometimes disparage government service. but for jean vertifay, we might not have as safe a nation as we do today. with that, i yield the floor. mr. durbin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)